Welcome Indian Open 2017 with full enthusiasm.

Snooker the game invented in India itself, isthe gameall about of precise skill set and calculations. Snooker developed and gained its own identity in 1884 when aBritish officer Sir Neville Chamberlain states a set of rules for the game. After this snooker continuously grows and become popular in the beginning of 20th century. In 1919 an entity is formed BB&CC which control events of Snooker. The interest of people from all around of the world leads to the first World Snooker Championship in 1927 which the first champion of the world Joe Davis. He won 15 championships till 1946. This chain of championships gives the best players of all times. In this modern era of Snooker top professional players compete regularly to won prizes, all around the world. The most prestigious tournament in Snooker history is the World Snooker Championship held annually. All the tournaments are held in the governance of World Professional Billiards and Snooker Association founded in 1968. The second most important championship is UK Championship. And the Third in line are the invitational tournaments and among which the most important tournament is the Masters. And then comes ranking events which are also important.

Indian Open is one of the ranking event which was first staged in 2013 in New Delhi. At the very first snooker event of India Open an Indian reaches to final, Aditya Mehta. Aditya Mehta is a talented player can’t reach to its full potential and lost to Ding Junhui. And the second Indian Open held at Mumbai in 2015 won by Michael White who captured his first ranking title. Indian Open 2016 was staged at Hyderabad for the first time giving us the defending champion Anthony McGill who won ranking title for the first time. Indian Open 2017 will be held at Vishakapatnam and gives hope to every Indian that this time an Indian will win the title.

Visakhapatnam, which is popularly referred to as Vizag, is named after God Vaishaka. Vizag has a rich and vibrant culture and heritage. Vizag is blessed with natural beauty, with hill ranges, pristine beaches along its coastline and lush, natural valleys. The city is surrounded by three hills, Sri Venkateswara Konda, Ross Hill and Dargah Konda. Vizag embraces its past and present seamlessly, making it an interesting and attractive city to spend holidays.

This is the fourth ranking event this year and opens opportunity for Indian young talent to show their talent in front of the world.The event fills every fan with enthusiasm and curiosity. As we are part of Incredible India we celebrate every event with enthusiasm and triumph and welcome every person with warm. This shows our culture and the same thing is going on with Indian Open 2017. I can feel the enthusiasm and vibrant energy among the players as well among the fans of Snooker. All are awaited to see the matches in tournament and curious to know the winner of the tournament. This time in tournament six Indianamateur players are participating as well. But the star of Indian Snooker Pankaj Advani is not among those. All rounds will be played over the best of seven frames until the final, which will be the best of nine and after all this we will find our winner.

The International stars like John Higgins, Shaun Murphy, Stuart Bingham, Joe Perry, Luca Brecel, Ricky Walden & Micheal Holt will showcase the best of snooker skills in coming five days.

Let’s hope the best will win.

Written By : Ravindra Kumar Gupta