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I am glad to bring out this Compendium book comprising of articles, photos, data etc. in three sections of Billiards, Snooker, Pool and other games. All the great legends and present stalwarts of Cue Sports are portrayed in this book.

As I write this piece with all humility and deep sense of gratitude towards the kind benevolence of One and only, Ravindra Kumar Gupta, who made me an author way back in 1974, gave the honour of editing cue sports and subsequently condescended to oversee this compendium.

I clearly remembered the rainy day six years ago when Ravindra called me in the morning to come to his house to discuss something very special. I immediately reached and was pleasantly surprised to get the idea of conceiving the Cue Sports book with interesting and unique features. The dummy was made about five years ago but the same could not be finalised at that time.

In this book apart from saga of veterans and present stars from Billiards, Snooker, and Pool, we have added very interesting and little known games of Cue Sports like Carom Billiards, Cricket, Slosh, Shuffle Pool and Skittles on the advice of Ravindra. In the last part of the book some very invaluable and distinctive photo gallery of famous World personalities is exhibited.

I have taken utmost precaution and care while trying to cover famous international and national players in this book, but due to constraint of space, many famous current and legend players could not be covered who were also the masters of this game.

The main object of publishing this book is to create more awareness of this game in young players and kids by giving information about legend and current champions (from India and Abroad) who have taken Cue Sports to greater heights.

RKG’s imprint can be seen on every page.  The idea is to make this book for posterity.

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