The 2017 Welsh Open will run from February 13 to 19 and will feature 128 of the world’s leading green baize stars, in a flat draw with all players starting in the first round.

Total prize money for each of the Home Nations events will be £366,000, with the winner to receive £70,000. All four tournaments will be televised by Eurosport and the Welsh Open will also be on BBC Wales. Last season’s Welsh Open was won by Ronnie O’Sullivan who beat Neil Robertson 9-5 in the final in Cardiff. Earlier in the tournament, O’Sullivan controversially turned down the chance of a maximum break because he felt the 147 bonus of £10,000 was too low.

This time, any player could be in line for a £1 million jackpot when they head to Cardiff if they have already won the first three Home Nations events.

Neath’s Michael White, the rising star who won his first ranking title last year, said: “If someone wins all four events then they deserve the £1 million bonus because the standard is so high. Whoever wins the first event is going to be under pressure in the second and I think it’s good for the sport to have that massive financial incentive.

“We’ve got 19 ranking events this season so it’s a great time to be a professional. There’s a lot of money to be won if you do well and more importantly the chance to win trophies for the players who want success the most.”

White lost in the first round of the World Championship in April and admitted that he had been suffering from depression and he didn’t “know where to turn” with his game. But he has regained his confidence early in the 2016/17 season.

“I took a break after Sheffield, and when I came back I found that I was enjoying practising again,” said the 25-year-old. “My game is back where it should be and hopefully that will lead to good results.”

Tickets are ON SALE NOW and fans are STRONGLY URGED to book quickly because demand will be high and certain session are expected to sell out quickly.