Keerthana wins GOLD, Anupama and Digvijay settle for bronze

Keerthana reached into the knockout stage of Last-16 as seed 4 and dominated first two matches of single elimination one-sided. First, she beat her compatriot Manasvini Sekar and then the Russian girl Alina Khairulina in straight set of frames 3-0.

She met the defending champion and her compatriot Anupama Ramachandran in the semi-final and saw first turbulence when she lost the first frame. After that she dominated in next three frames to defeat her 3-1.

In final Keerthana started well but went down after winning the first frame. From there onwards, she geared up and controlled next two frames to defeat Albina Leschuk and win the title.

This is the 2nd consecutive year when winners’ trophy has come to India. Last year Anupama had won the same championship defeating Keerthana in the final.

In Men’s category, Haryana based player Digvijay Kadian settled for Bronze. It remained a setback for Digvijay as in first four frames he lost two frames because of unforced errors, that he could have won. But full marks to Aaron Hill who made good breaks in all four frames that he won.

Ben Mertens of Belgium defeated Aaron Hill 4-3 and won the championship

source - cuesportsindia