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Ashwini Puranik

NameDate of Birth Country
Ashwini Puranik19-05-1965India

(Right Hand Cueist)

Indore - Madhya Pradesh

Highest Qualification in Sports - First Lady Player From India Represented Country in the World Professional Ladies Snooker Championship Held At Sheffield (UK)

Highest Break - Billiards - 35

Snooker - 54

Tournament Records

- 2010 19th Indian National Snooker Championship (Ladies) - Top 16

- 2010 19th Indian National Billiards Championship (Ladies) - Top 16

- 2010 1st Indian National Women 6-Red Snooker Championship - Rank 7

Ladies Snooker State Championship

- 2009 18th Indian National Ladies Snooker Championship - Top 16

- 2009 18th Indian National Ladies Billiards Championship - Top 16

Winner 1991, 2002

After these two tournaments state body has stopped conducting ladies event

Indore Open Ladies Pool Championship  Winner 2000
Indore Open Snooker Championship


Runners Up 2002

All India Ladies Open Snooker Championship (Bombay Gymkhana)

Winner 1998, Winner 1999, 3rd Rank in 2002, 4th Rank in 2001

Ladies National Snooker Championship

3rd Rank in 1993, 1995, 1997, 2006

4th Rank in 1992, 1994, 2005

First Lady Player From India Represented Country In The World Professional Ladies Snooker Championship Held At Sheffield (UK) : Qtr Finalist 1998,Pre Qtr Finalist 2000. Before her participation non of the lady player from India has participated in any of the international events.

Ladies Scottish Regal Masters Snooker Championship Held at Sterling (Scotland) : Lost in pre Quarters in main draw but won the Losers  Plate competition :1999

Selected In Team India (Ladies Event) For World Snooker Team Championship To Be Held At San Jose California (USA) From 16th  To 26th Of August 2006.

Represented Maharashtra State In Kho-Kho  1978, 1979.

Participated in opening & closing ceremony of 1982 Delhi Asiad in Delhi & Bombay and attended the Republic day parade in Delhi as Senior under Officer In 1985.

Learned classical music from noted singer Ajay Pohankerji in Mumbai and Performed in couple of stage shows of light sugam sangeet. Also performed on All India Radio.

Cue in Use - Master Cue

Club - Yashwant Club - Indore

Follow Sports other than Cue sports - Badminton, Swimming

Hobbies - Singing, Reading

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