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Munraj Pal

NameDate of Birth Country
Munraj Pal21-04-1976England

Name                                    :                               Munraj Pal

Highest Ranking                  :                               85 (2004/2005)

Highest Break                      :                               144  (2008 China Open Qualifying)

Century Breaks                   :                               23


Munraj Pal (born 21 April 1976) is an English former professional snooker player .

Pal turned professional in 1995, but fell off the tour two years later in 1997. He re-qualified during the 1997/1998 season, but lost his professional status again in 2001; forced once more to enter qualifying tournaments in the 2001/2002 season, he competed on the tour for a third stint between 2002 and 2004. At this point, although he had reached his highest-ever ranking of 85th, Pal was relegated again.

He got back onto the professional tour in 2007/2008 by finishing fifth on the Pontin’s International Open Series Order of Merit, winning one PIOS event in 2006.

Recording his best-ever finish in reaching the last 48 at the 2001 Scottish Open - where he lost 1–5 to James Wattana - Pal practiced with David Roe and Michael Holt during his career.

After losing his place on tour for the fourth time in 2008, Pal retired from competitive snooker, aged 32.


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