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History Of The Week

  • World Championship 1957
    The World Championship was not held again until 1964 John Pulman won his first world title by defeating Jackie Rea 39&nd
    Date :13-Apr-1957

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  • Asian Snooker Championship
    Issara Kachaiwong from Thailand beat Mohammed Sajjad from Pakistan by 7-3 in the final of Asian snooker Championship 2010 in Thailand.
    Date :15-Apr-2010

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  • World Title
    Fred davis of England died on 16th April 1998. He was an English professional player of Snooker and Billiards and one of the only two players ever to
    Date :16-Apr-1998

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  • Welsh Open Billiards Championship
    Martin Goodwill beat Robert Hall by 422-264 in Welsh Open billiards Championship in 2011 and won the tournament.
    Date :16-Apr-2011

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  • World Championship
    Crucible theatre in 1977 hosted the first world championship which was  won by John Spencer 25-21 against Cliff Thorburn claiming the Winner cheq
    Date :18-Apr-1977

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  • World Championship
    Stuart Bingham won his first World Championship title after defeating Shaun Murphy in the final by 18-15 in 2015 and won prize money of GBP 300000.
    Date :18-Apr-2015

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Birthday Of The Week

  • Ray Edmonds
    Country : England
    Date : 25-Apr-1936

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  • Lee Spick
    Country : England
    Date : 25-Apr-1980

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  • Andrew Pagett
    Country : Welsh
    Date : 25-Apr-1982

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  • Stuart Pettman
    Country : England
    Date : 24-Apr-1975

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  • Barry Hawkins
    Country : England
    Date : 23-Apr-1979

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  • Patrick Einsle
    Country : Germany
    Date : 22-Apr-1987

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  • Steve Newbury
    Country : Welsh
    Date : 21-Apr-1956

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  • Munraj Pal
    Country : England
    Date : 21-Apr-1976

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  • Thepchaiya Un-Nooh
    Country : Thailand
    Date : 18-Apr-1985

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  • Stefan Mazrocis
    Country : England
    Date : 18-Apr-1967

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  • John Dunning
    Country : England
    Date : 18-Apr-1927

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  • Pleased to challenge the fantasy that you can not have some expertise

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