Records in Snooker

Maximum Break (147)

Records in Snooker

Maximum Break (147)
First maximum break in exhibition match
The first officially ratified maximum break in snooker history was played by Joe Davis in an exhibition match with Willie Smith at Leicester Square Hall on 22.02.1955. 
First Maximum Break in competitive match
John Spencer on 13.01.1979 compiled the first maximum 147 break in competitive play in a match against Cliff Thorburn in the Holsten Lager Tournament at the Fulcrum Centre, Slough. This would also have been the first televised maximum, but the camera crew had left their posts for a tea break. 
First Televised Maximum Break
Steve Davis on 11.01.1982 compiled the first televised maximum 147 break in a match against John Spencer in the Lada Classic, at Oldham Civic Centre, Lancashire. 
Fastest Maximum Break
Ronnie O'Sullivan compiled the fastest 147 ever made on 21.04.1997 in his first round match against Mick Price. The break took just 5 minutes and 20 seconds, giving an average shot time of 8.8 seconds. Youngest Player to score maximum break on Live Television Ding Junhui became the youngest player to score a maximum 147 break on live television at the age of 19 years and 9 months on 14.01.2007. It was also the first 147 by a Chinese player and came in the seventh frame of his first round 6 - 3 win against Anthony Hamilton during the Saga Insurance Masters at Wembley Arena. Thanawat Thirapongpaiboon to became the younger player (16 years 312 days) to made maximum break on 22.10.2010. 
Oldest player to hit Maximum Break
On 25.02.2016 Fergal O'Brien of Ireland became the oldest professional snooker player to made the maximum at the age of 43 year 354 days beating the record of Steve Hendry who hit his 11 maximum break at age of 43 y ears 99 days. O'Brien made this record against Mark Davis in Championship League. 
First Amateur to hit Maximum Bre
ak Geet Sethi of India became the first amateur player to make a 147 in competition during the Indian Amateur Snooker Championships on 21.02.1988. 
Maximum numbers of Maximum Break
Ronnie O'Sullivan on 02.03.2014 overtook Stephen Hendry's record of 11 maximums in competitive play, by making his 12th 147 in the last frame of his 9 - 3 victory over Ding Junhui in the final of the BetVictor Welsh Open at the Newport Center, Newport. Won prize money 60000 GBP. Ronnie O'Sullivan made a record 13th competitive maximum break on 04.12.2014 in the quarter-final of the UK Championship, in the final frame of his 6 - 0 win over Mathew Selt. 
Maximum Breaks in one Calendar year 
Shaun Murphy on 23.11.2014 made his fourth competitive 147 in his 4 - 0 win over Robert Milkins in the final of the Kreative Dental Ruhr Open in Germany. This break made him the first player to make three competitive maximums in a calendar year, and yet he came incredibly close to making three on the same day. He cleared the 15 reds with blacks against both Joe Swail in the last 16, and against Mark Williams in the quarter-final. Against Swail he failed at the blue for a break of 129, and missed the green against Williams for a break of 122. 
Maximum Break by a male against female player
On 10.10.10 Mark Williams became the 1st player to compile the official break against the woman Diana Schuler at Rhein Main Masters. 
Maximum Break of 148
On 16.10.2004 Jamie Burnett made the highest ever break in the history of professional snooker. In the second qualifying round of the Travis Perkins UK Championship at Prestatyn, his opponent, Leo Fernandez, fouled before any reds had been potted and gave away a "free" ball. Burnett then potted the brown as the "extra" red, brown again, then the 15 reds, 12 blacks, two pinks, a blue and all the colours to clear the table with a break of 148.

Centuries Break

First Century Break 
G. Hargest made the first snooker century, a break of 105 on 22.10.1915. 
Maximum Centuries
Ronnie O'Sullivan on 13.01.2015 equalled Stephen Hendry's record of 775 competitive century breaks in the last frame of his 6 - 4 win over Ricky Walden, in the first round of the Dafabet Masters at Alexandra Palace in London. The break of 116 could easily have ended at 89 as the yellow was close to the baulk cushion, but a crashing hit-and-hope sent it round the table off three cushions into a middle pocket, and the cue-ball up and down the table to land perfectly on the green. Ronnie O'Sullivan in the first frame against Marco Fu made a break of 101, to set a new record of 776 centuries in competitive play on 15.01.2015 at Dafabet Masters. 
Fastest Century
Tony Drego of Malta made the fastest break in U.K Championship. He made 103 in 3 minuts 31 second against John Higgins on 25.11.1996. 
First to reach 800 centuries milestone
On 05.01.2016 Ronnie O'Sullivan became the first player to make 800 competitive century breaks, with a 136 against Barry Hawkins in Group One of the Championship League at the Crondon Park Golf Club in Essex. O'Sullivan won that Group and added two more centuries to increase his total to 802. 
Maximum Consecutive Century Breaks in one match by single player
Shaun Murphy became the first player to make four consecutive century breaks on 14.02.2007 in a best-of-nine professional tournament during the Welsh Open at the Newport Centre, Kingsway, Newport. His breaks of 135, 123, 102, and 101 helped defeat Jamie Cope 5 - 0 to earn a place in the last 16. 
Maximum Consecutive Century Breaks in one match by both players
Stephen Maguire and Neil Robertson on 16.01.2009 made five consecutive century breaks in their quarter-final match at the Masters. Maguire's breaks of 128, 105, and 113 against Robertson's breaks of 122 and 100 helped him to win 6 - 3. Only Stephen Hendry and Ronnie O'Sullivan had previously achieved this feat, during the 2003 British Open. On 10.02.2016 Kyren Wilson and Anthony Hamilton set a record for compiling six consecutive century breaks in competitive play in their qualifying match for the China Open in Barnsley. Wilson won the match 5 - 3 and made four centuries (103, 108, 125, and 100). Hamilton made two, (137 and 123). 
Maximum Century Breaks at one venue
Stephen Hendry set a new record by becoming the first player to achieve 100 century breaks in competitive play in one venue on 24.04.2003 when he compiled a break of 115 in the seventh frame of his second round World Championship match against Drew Henry at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield. On 24.04.2010 John Higgins became the second player to achieve 100 century breaks at the Crucible Theatre in the 18th frame of his second-round match against Steve Davis. His 115 break drew the frame scores level at 9 - 9, but Davis went on to win the match by 13 frames to 11. Ronnie O'Sullivan broke Stephen Hendry's record of 127 century breaks at the Crucible Theatre on 05.05.2013, Sheffield, in the final of the World Championship. His fifteenth frame break of 103 gave him a total of 128 Crucible centuries, and for good measure he added another, a 106 in the next frame. 
First Century Break in World Championship
Joe Davis won his ninth World title by defeating Willie Smith 25–20 in the final on 27.04.1935 Davis recorded the first century break in the history of the World Championship, a 110 in his semi-final match against Tom Newman. 
Consecutive Century Breaks in a match
John Higgins on 16.10.2005 claimed new world record as he beat Ronnie O'Sullivan 9-2 in the final of the Grand Prix at the Preston Guild Hall. He became the first to compile four centuries in four frames with breaks of 103, 104, then two total clearences of 138 and 128. 
First Woman to hit century break in competitive match
On 15.01.2015 Stacey Hillyard became the first female to record a competitive century with a break of 114 during a local league match in Bournemouth.

Miscellaneous Records

Consecutive wins in Masters tournament
Ronnie O'Sullivan overtook Stephen Hendry's record of winning 42 matches at the Masters on 15.01.2015, by winning his 43rd with a 5 -1 win over Marco Fu. 
Asian Supremacy in Premier Snooker tournament
Dafabet Masters 2011 tournament made history, as it was the first to feature two Asian players in the final. Ding Junhui won in the final 10–4 against Marco Fu. 
Maximum Points in a match without any point of opponent
Ronnie O'Sullivan set a new record in professional competition by scoring 556 points without reply in his 6 - 0 win over Ricky Walden in his second round match in the Dafabet Masters, at Londons' Alexandra Palace on 17.01.2014. The six frames lasted just 57 minutes and 48 seconds. 
Maximum Appearance in Masters Tournament
Ronnie O'Sullivan won the Dafabet Masters for the fifth time in his record breaking tenth appearance in the final of this tournament, by beating Mark Selby by 10 frames to 4 on 19.01.2014 
Maximum titles in Welsh open
John Higgins defeated Ben Woollaston 9–3 in the final to win the Welsh Open for a record fourth time on 22.02.2015. 
Invention of New snooker game
On 01.03.1930 Willie Smith introduced a new version of Snooker. An additional ball - the spot white (value 21) should be placed between the pyramid and the black. Additionally, players were allowed to play 2 colours before another red. If player failed to pot the second colour, he was charged with colours' value. Burroughs & Watts announced this as a new game in their journals 'The Burwar Billiard View' as Pari-Snooker 
First World Championship at Crucible Theater
On 18.04.1977 Crucible Theatre host the first world championship which was won by John Spencer 25-21 againt Cliff Thorburn claiming the Winner cheque for GBP 6000. 
Youngest Player to compete in World Championship
Luca Brecel became the youngest player ever to have competed at the Crucible Theatre in the World Championships at the age of 17 years and 45 days on 22.04.2012. 
Youngest Player to Win ranking Event
Ronnie O'Sullivan becames the youngest player to win professional ranking event (UK Championship 1993) at the age of 17 years 358 days. Defeated Stephen Hendry by 10-6. 
Most Viewed Match in History
Epic Final on 28.04.1985 :- the 1985 World Championship, Davis dropped only 23 frames en route to the final, where his opponent was Dennis Taylor. Taylor potted the final colours to leave the black as the winner-takes-all ball. After a series of safety shots and attempts at potting it, Davis over-cut the black, leaving Taylor with a reasonably straightforward pot to secure the championship. The nailbiting finale drew 18.5 million viewers, a record post-midnight audience on British television. 
Longest Frame in World Championship
Mark Selby and Marco Fu on 29.04.2016 played the longest frame ever at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, during their semi-final at the World Championship. Their 24th frame lasted 76 minutes and 11 seconds, Selby won that frame to draw level at 12 - 12, and won the match 17 -15. 
Longest Frame in any event
On 10.10.2015 Alan McManus and Barry Pinches claimed the record for the longest frame ever played in professional snooker in the sixth frame of their 4th round match at the Ruhr Open in Mülheim, Germany. The frame lasted 1 hour 40 minutes and 24 seconds, and although Pinches won that frame to level at 3 - 3, he lost the match 3 - 4. 
Maximum World Titles at Crucible
On 03.05.1999 Stephen Hendry from scotland won the record 7th times world champion in Crucible Theatre beating Mark Williams by 18-12 . Earlier Steve Davis holds the record maximum world title 6 times. 
1000th Century Break in World Championship
John Higgins scored his 350th competitive century on 05.05.2007 and the 1000th century to be made at the Crucible Theatre, Sheffield, during his semi-final World Championship match against Stephen Maguire with a break of 122. 
Shortest match-11 Frames
Dominic Dale scored just 29 points as he was crushed 6 - 0 by Ronnie O'Sullivan in the fastest ever best of 11 match on 19.08.2006. In just 53 minutes Ronnie made 8 breaks over 60 to win the semi-final of the Northern Ireland Trophy at the Waterfront Hall in Belfast. The frame scores (and breaks) were:- 0 - 129 (65, 64); 12 - 84 (84); 7 - 82 (75); 0 - 130 (67, 63); 9 - 107 (106); 1 - 76 (63) 
First professional tournament
On October 21st 1907 the first ever professional snooker tournament started at Soho Square Hall in London. As an add-on to a famous billiards tournament sponsored by Burroughes & Watts the competitors played two frames each evening of their one-week matches. Matches were devided on aggregate score and, therefore, each frame ended with the final black. As a re-spotted black was only introduced around 1920 into the snooker rules some frames in this tournaments ended up with a draw. Four editions of this tournaments were played, the first winner was Charles Dawson. 
First Ranking Professinoal Tournament in India-Indian Open 
On 18.10.2013 Ding Junhui won the first world ranking tournament to be held in India, the Indian Open, at the Meridien Hotel in New Delhi, by beating Aditya Mehta, the first Indian player to reach the final of a ranking tournament, by 5 frames to 0. He also became the first player to win back-to-back ranking titles in the same season since Ronnie O'Sullivan won the European Open and Irish Masters in 2003 
First Match ever in World Championship
On 29.11.1926 the first match ever played in the world championships began between Melbourne Inman and Tom Newman, at Thurston's Hall, London. The match finished on December 6th with Inman beating Newman 8 - 5. 
Lowest Rank Winner in World Championship
On 02.03.2005 Shaun Murphy (48 Rank) became lowest rank winner beating Matthew Stevens by 18-16 to win the World Professional Title at Crucible. 
Oldest World Champion
Ray Reardon on 29.04.1978 at the age of 45 years 203 days became the older world champion by defeating -1978 world Championship at Crucible Theatre beat Perrie Mans by 25-18 
Maximum World Titles
Stephen Hendry from scotland wins the record 7th times world champion on 03.05.1999 in Crucible theatre beating Mark William by 18-12 . Earlier Steve Device holds the record maximum world title 6 times. 
World Championship without losing single session
Defending champion Ronnie O'Sullivan did not lose a session in the World Championship tournament in 2013. He defeated Barry Hawkins 18–12 in the final to become a five-time World Champion 
Inaugural World Championship
Inaugural edition of the World Championship tournament was held on 12.05.1927 and was organised by Joe Davis and Bill Camkin. The final took place at the Camkin's Hall inBirmingham, England with Joe Davis winning the title by defeating Tom Dennis by 16-7. 
First Non Britisher to win World Championship
Horace Lindrum became the first non-British player to win the World Championship. He beated Clark McConachy by 94-49 frames in the Final on 08.03.1952. 
Inaugural Edition of Asian Team Snooker Championship 
Indian Trio - Mannan Chandra, Brijesh Dhamani and Alok Kumar made history by defeating team Iran 3-0 to become champion of inaugural Asian Team Snooker Championship in Qatar on 30.05.2013. 
Biggest win in UK Championship
Ronnie O'Sullivan on 16.12.2001 won his third UK title by defeating Ken Doherty 10–1 in the final of UK Championship 2001 and won prize money 100000 GBP. This was the biggest win in the final since the championship introduced the best-of-19-frame finals in 1993.