How To Play Cue Sports

How to Play Snooker?

Snooker is one of the most popular billiards games in the world. Similar to pool, the snooker game takes place on a felt-covered table with six pockets, a cue stick and a set of balls. Here you can learn how to play snooker.


1. Obtain the proper equipment. Snooker is played with 22, unnumbered object balls, divided into a group of 15 red balls, a group of 6 balls of different colors and one white ball (the cue ball). Each ball has a different point value: red=1, yellow=2, green=3, brown=4, blue=5, pink=6, and black=7.

2. Understand that you're trying to score a higher number of points than your opponent by potting the balls, i.e. sinking the red and the colored balls alternately into the table pockets.

3. Toss a coin to decide who is to play first. The first player has to cause the cue ball to contact a red ball. If he fails to do this, the other player tries.

4. The first player who manages to pot a red ball continues by potting one of the colored balls and then a red ball in sequence until he fails. Then, the turn moves to the other player, who has to pot a red then a colored ball in sequence until he fails.

5.Continue in that manner as long as there are still red balls on the table. While there are still any remaining red balls on the table, all the potted colored balls return to their original position on the table.

6. Put the lowest value to the highest value colored balls in sequence after the red balls run out. From then on, the colored balls are no longer put back in their original position.

7. The snooker game ends when there are no longer balls on the table, i.e. all balls have been potted in the specified sequence. The winner is the player who had scored the highest number of points. Sometimes, the points difference between the players will be more than the points available on the table. During such cases, by mutual understanding between the players, the player with the lower number of points resigns from the game, thereby making the opponent as winner, even with balls left on the table.

8. Finished.

How to Play Billiards?

Billiards, a cue sport, is played with 3 balls – yellow, white and red. It is divided into types: carom billiards, played on a pocket less table in which the object is to bounce the cue ball off other balls, and pocket billiards which is played on a table with pockets where the object is to strike and sink the colored balls into the pockets. Here are some tips on how to play billiards.

Steps 1. In Billiards there are three ways to score: In-offs, pots or cannons. Each player has their own cue ball. In-offs occur when a cue ball hits one or more balls and then enters a pocket. A pot occurs when a ball other than the cue ball enters a pocket. A cannon occurs when a cue ball hits both of the other balls.

Steps 2. A player has to move arms smoothly back, then forward in a pendulum motion and the one who goes first must hit the red ball. If scored a point, continue shooting.

Steps 3. To see who will be the starting player, both players hit a cue ball simultaneously and the player who gets his ball closest to the baulk cushion choose which cue ball he wants to use during the game.

Steps 4. The red ball is placed on the spot at the top of the table and the first player begins by playing-in hand from the "D" behind the baulk line. The other cue ball remains off the table until the first turn of the opponent comes up.

Steps 5. The idea is to leave the balls safe by creating either a double baulk or the red in baulk with the cue ball tight to the top-side cushion.

Steps 6. In carom billiards, one has to take shots that gather the balls together so one can score repeatedly by bouncing by bouncing them off one another.

Steps 7. The game involves a diamond system and each diamond has a number. The player has to take the number of the diamond the cue would hit initially and then subtract the number of the diamond on the short rail which leaves the player with the number he should be aiming for.

Steps 8. Winning is determined by a player reaching a fixed number of points, decided at the start of the game.

How to Play Pool?

Pool, also known as pocket billiards, is played on a pool table having six pockets along the rails into which balls are deposited as the main goal of play. Some of the commonly known game types include eight-ball, nine-ball and three-ball. Here are some few tips on how to play pool.

Steps 1. The balls are racked in a triangle with the 8 ball in the center of the triangle, a stripe ball in one corner of the rack and a solid ball in other corner. Which player get the option to break is decided by a coin toss.

Steps 2. At the beginning of the game, a player breaks up the fifteen pool balls in the first shot. The object balls are numbered in groups. One player must pocket balls of the group numbered 1 through 7 which has solid colors, while the other player has 9 through 15 which has stripes.

Steps 3. If a ball is pocketed, that ball designates whether the player continues aiming for solids or stripes, and the player shoots again. If no ball is pocketed, the opponent takes the turn.

Steps 4. The goal is to pocket all of your balls except the 8 ball i.e., the money ball and is the last ball to be pocketed by a player to win the game.

Steps 5. The table is said to be open when the choice of groups has not yet been determined. It becomes legal to hit a solid first to make a stripe or vice-versa.

Steps 6.If the game is played with 9 balls then the object is to hit the lowest numbered ball on the table which leaves the 9 ball to be pocketed at last. The player continues until missing or fouling.

Steps 7. In the event of a foul, the opponent gets a chance of placing the cue ball anywhere on the table. When placing the cue ball in position, any forward strike motion contacting the cue ball will be a foul, if not a legal shot.

Steps 8. If any object ball is jumped off the table, it is a foul and loss of turn and any jumped ball are not re-spotted.

Game Of Skittles

A Tournament of Skittles during free time on last day at each venue will also be organized having separate entry fee and prize money from that collected entry fee. Details will be shared at venue only.

General Rules :

This game is played with three billiard balls and twelve pins (ten white and two black), all of which are placed on the table, according to the diagram.

The game is thirty-one up. The white pins are number 1 - 10 and 2 black.

The rotation of the players is decided by numbered counters drawn from a basket, one by each player; and each player has one stroke alternately, according to his rotation.

Any persons who knocks down a black pin (after making his stroke) with a ball, cue, his sleeve, or in any other way and has to take a fresh cheque and the points he made stands cancelled.

Any pin or pins having been removed by a player must be replaced before the next player makes his stroke.

No pin is considered to be down unless it is entirely off its spot, or leaning against the cushion.

Foull strokes are made by the following means, viz: By knocking down a white pin without striking a ball first, or before the bails have ceased running, by playing out of turn; when all the pins are not in their places, or the three balls are not on the table, or by knocking down a white pin in any way before or after playing a stroke. Running into the pocket or jumping off the table is not foul. Anyone making a foul stroke cannot score.

A player has to make 31 points minus the counter he gets from the basket, i.e. if he gets the counter of 16 then making 15 points to win. There are 1 – 16 counters in the basket.