China Qualifiers- Alan McManus beats Chinese Chen Zhe in one sided match by 5-1

China open qualifiers concluded at Preston Hall, Guild with last 12 seats for flight to Beijing is booked by the following players. Alan McManus, who was appointed as player-director by WPBSA today, beats Chinese Chen Zhe in one sided match by 5-1. Li Hang beat Fang Xiongman by 5-3 to be one of many Chinese contenders for the title in Beijing. Matthew Stevens beats Josh Boileau by 5-3.       

Gareth Allen beats Robin Hull by 5-4 in a very close match of the day. Paul S Davison beats Joe Swail by 5-3 frames. Jamie Cope beat Rod Lawler by 5-2 to earn his berth.Stephen Maguire blanked Boonyarit Keattikun by 5-0 in one sided match. Andrew Higginson beat Christopher Keogan by 5-1 to claim his berth. David Gilbert beat Kurt Dunham by 5-1. Jimmy Robertson beat Cao Yupeng by 5-3. Alfie Burden beat Akani Songsermsawad by 5-2 to qualify for the main event in March in Beijing.