Bollywood megastar Anil Kapoor might be best known for his role as the game show host in Slumdog Millionaire. Less known is his love of snooker – he plays the sport as often as he can on his own tables.

Kapoor’s career as an actor and producer has spanned 40 years. He has appeared in a long string of India’s most famous films and won a multitude of awards. The 63-year-old from Mumbai remains one of his country’s most famous faces.

He starred alongside Tom Cruise in the fourth Mission Impossible film, then took on the ‘Jack Bauer’ role in the second series of the Indian version of 24.

When he is not working on movie sets he enjoys relaxing at home with his favorite hobby.

“Every evening I try to devote some time to playing snooker. It’s a great passion for me,” Kapoor told us when he came to the 2015 Indian Open in Mumbai. “I have two beautiful tables at home and they are among my prized possessions. It helps me relax and takes me away from everything.

“To be a snooker player you need panache and finesse. You need concentration, you need skill. It’s not about physical power. I love the game. Actors need concentration, and it’s the same in snooker and billiards. So playing snooker actually helps me as an actor.

“I love to invite my friends for a get together at home, and a game of snooker. Or even if I’m on my own, I’ll just put the balls out on the table and start potting.”

Anil…we salute you!



Source: World Snooker