Sensational Win For Team India-1

Indian player Pankaj Advani made due in the choosing outline from a dubious position and made his group win to enter single end round as gathering topper. With this success, group India-1 (Pankaj Advani, Aditya Mehta and Laxman Rawat) have ventured legitimately into quarter last stage. 

Toward the beginning of the day session, group India-1 played well and enrolled 3-0 win against Team Jordan where Pankaj scored the match-winning break of 95 in pairs outline. 

Their subsequent match had many ups and down where four edges had on debase game completion. At first, the main edge got slipped from Advani who lost to Nadir Khan Sultani by a nearby edge of 8. In third casing Advani set a break of 58 yet in spite of that they lost the edge by just 4 points. 

Laxman, be that as it may, remained viable and secured the fourth casing (66-54) to set decider where this time Senzahi acquired great lead over Advani. The lead was big to the point that Advani required numerous snooker on shading balls. He didn't lose expectation and kept on battling. Ultimately on the blue ball, he required three snookers to tie the score, which he did and afterwards pruned the re-spotted dark for triumph to India. 

With this triumph, they snatched fourth seed for the knockout stage and will play the quarter last legitimately. 

Despite the fact that there is some mistake in the Indian camp as their other group (Kamal Chawla, Sundeep Gulati and Sourav Kothari) neglected to win any match and got end from gathering stage as it were.