Ronnie O Sullivan, the world number one snooker genius made a statement in his recent interview that he would not be playing in World Championship, Masters and UK Championship, in next season will only be playing in the three tournaments. Sullivan who is famous by the name of ‘The Rocket’ is still the biggest star in the world of snooker.

However, like we all know that this news is disheartening by all means, but Sullivan after giving all his genius to the world of snooker and playing some magnificent tournaments with amazing wins, certainly deserves a break and after giving his all to the world of snooker, this break is nonetheless something he might want now.

Ronnie has many records some of them are here …

Century breaks‎: ‎1‎,009

Career winnings‎: ‎£10,783,165

World Champion‎: ‎2001‎; ‎2004‎; ‎2008‎; ‎2012‎; ‎2013

Highest break‎: ‎147‎: (15 times)


He will surely be missed for his grandeur, sharp wins, and intellectual yet exciting snooker games. Snooker without Ronnie will never be the same and nobody knows when again a genius like him will concur over this game of pure intellect and sharp vision.