147th Birthday of Mahatma Gandhi

147 is not an ordinary number for all Snooker lovers, coaches, referees, markers and support staff and especially for the PLAYERS. Today on 2nd October 2016 the entire India and the World is celebrating the 147th birthday of BAPU ( Father of the Nation). Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as Mahatma ( Mahan +Aatma), Great Soul, has teached us many things to succeed in life. Almost all of his characteristics if followed religiously can bring success in everyone’s life.

In snooker 147 is the maximum break in normal situation compiled by potting all fifteen reds with fifteen blacks for 120 points followed by all six colours ( Yellow, Green, Brown, Blue, Pink & Black) for further 27 points.

Compiling 147 in a frame is dream and desire of every Snooker player. Great players like ‘Rocket’ Ronnie has compiled 13 maximum break in his ongoing career. Legendary Stephen Hendry is next with 11 maximum breaks to his name. A complete list of total 121 maximum breaks can be read at (maximum breaks).

Scoring 147 in a frame is not an easy task at all. Only 60 players till now have compiled the maximum break and few great players like Ray Reardon, six times World Champion and who dominated the game in 1970s, Irishman Alex Higgins (Two time World Champion) known as most iconic player of the game, Genius Paul Hunter could not achieve this feet in their life. Even Six times World Champion and the one who dominated Snooker in 1980s, Champion Steve Davis ‘Magician’ only compiled one maximum break in his illustrious career. The first maximum break was made on 11th January 1982 by Steve Davis since then only 121 maximum breaks has been made in 34 year till date.

On this day I choose to write this article as I feel if Snooker players and also other youngsters from around the World from current era takes cue from Mahatma Gandhi’s life and learn his teachings of Faith in self, Persistence, Strength of character, Learning from mistakes, Truthfulness, Clear Vision etc then achieving mission 147 is not impossible or for that matter achieving his / her dream is not impossible for any person in the World.

Salute to Mahatma Gandhi.


Written By : Ravindra Kumar Gupta