Well! It’s a Time to Enjoy 2017 FIFA U-17 World Cup

In present day, the most exciting thing is going on, is FIFA U-17 World Cup and the most amazing part of it is India is going to participate in the World Cup tournament. Yes, it is the first time ever, India is going to participate in any World Cup tournament of football for in any age group. And another interesting part is India itself is going to host the tournament. Yeah! I know I am a hardcore fan of Snooker but before that I am a sports lover and every game has its own importance in its own. And it is very proud moment for India that the youth of football is qualified for the World Cup which means the future of football is in good hand or I should say in good legs. The tournament is taking place from 6th to 28th October’ 2017. It is very surprising that the last world cup winner is not participating in the tournament, they did not able to qualify for the tournament. Well, I guess you can’t predict in football like which team is going to win or which team scores more.There are 24 teams participating in the tournament and will be 6 groups of 4 teams each fighting for 4 points, the matches will be take place on round robin fashion, best 2 teams from each group and the best four teams of third placed that is total 16 teams moves further for knockout stage which will decide the winner of the tournament. I am very much excited to see the performance of our Indian team in the tournament and keep an eye on it and wishes luck for other teams as well. All we can do is to cheer the youth or the future of Indian football team and pray for their win.

Let’s see the fate together, fingers crossed and hope for the best.


Written By : Ravindra Kumar Gupta