Whoever called snooker chess with balls was rude but right Looking for perfection is the only way to motivate yourself

Snooker is also known as CUE sports. A table cover with green baize, with pockets at the four corners and its size about 12*6 ft. With 22 snookers balls and cue. One white cue ball, 15 red balls worth one point each, and six balls of different color ( yellow two points), green (three), brown(four),blue (Five), pink (six) and black(seven). The reds balls are placed in triangular formation and the others ball are placed around it called “spots”. Players take shots by striking the balls with the cue. There is sequence of knocking balls into pockets. If opponents commit foul the player get additional points. A player winning maximum frame (individual game) wins the game.

This game was initially invented in India by British Army officers, is commonly popular in commonwealth countries.  In India this game is governed by ‘Billiards and Snooker Federation of India’.  It gave champions like Wilson Jones, Michael Ferreira, and Geet Sethi have come out from India. Pankaj Advani is another successful Indian player.  He is in 56t rank in pro-circuit of snooker. Being Indian nowadays sports has gain some importance and attraction by the youth. Snooker is also among those popular games in India. Players like Pankaj Advani became icon for the youth who really want to make serious career In this sports. For Indians the game set is quit costly for an individual to afford, to promote this games many sports club have made a snooker department. A couple of years ago ‘globe-trotting snooker guru' Del Hill travelled to India to prepare the cue sports team for the Guangzhou Asian Games in China. It was then he realized that the country had some great players to challenge the best in the world. “The future of the sport is bright in India.  Till India has gain its reputation in the field of sports and willing to give a bright future in sports to India. “Winner never quits and quitters never win”

Written By : Digital India Leader