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"After a strong finish to last season reaching the latter stages of a few big tournaments, this season couldn't have started any better for me after winning my first ranking event in Riga. After finally crossing the winning line, I decided to give the Indian Open a miss however, I entered both the European Masters and World Open and I am pleased to have won both of my qualifying matches for these tournaments beating Lukas Kleckers 4-3 and Rod Lawler 5-3.

I just want to say a big thank you to RKG Snooker for sponsoring me for 6 major events this season. I am delighted to be working with RKG Snooker throughout the season and I am pleased that I was able to win my first match representing them. 

This strong start to the season is what I was looking for and I am eager to keep the ball rolling for the whole season ahead!"

Ryan Day

Written By : Ryan Day