Pleased to challenge the fantasy that you can not have some expertise in both billiards and snooker: Pankaj Advani

In the wake of finishing a Career Grand Slam in sign games this year, the cueist needs to increase current standards significantly higher as he gets ready for the World Championships. 

It's simply one more day in Mumbai. The morning brilliant skies blur into a bleak evening following a storm and Pankaj Advani has his last media connection of the day arranged in the wake of going through about four hours with columnists. 

There's a vacant teacup on the close-by table and it appears as though Advani needs increasingly, given how debilitating the day has been for him; he is obviously exhausted and one sees his eyes give that away. 

The discussion starts with an inquiry on his arrangements for the up and coming Billiards, Snooker World Championships and Advani reacts in a not really fiery tone on what he depicts as a "frenzied three months". 

The discussion at that point changes to his adoration for the game and the vitality in his voice springs back to life. Time is running out however the veteran cueist guarantees that he makes himself agreeable for a short heart to heart before wrapping up. 

A bonafide star, Advani's CV peruses this way – 21 World, 21 National and 11 junior titles. He's aced both billiards and snooker by commanding in the IBSF circuit throughout recent years however even at 34, he's eager for additional. 

Not long ago, Advani advanced into the history books by finishing a Career Grand Slam in sign games, turning into the main player to win the Asian and World Championships in all organizations. However, he needs to increase current standards significantly higher. 

In front of the World Championships, he talked about staying aware of the record books and the sky is the limit from there. Selections: 

After such a large number of titles and wins, what gives you the drive to push for to an ever-increasing extent? 

It's simply the affection and enthusiasm for the game that props me up. As yet, you might suspect like 'Alright, I'm going to win this record, I'm going to win that' and you progress in the direction of consistency. The difficulties continue changing for a sportsperson. When I won my first world title it was about whether I could do it or not. Do I have it in me to win a noteworthy title? I did that at 18 years old in China when I wasn't anticipating. Maybe, there it was a lot simpler on the grounds that when you're not hoping to win, you play with much more opportunity. You're valiant in your methodology. 

However, later on when you start winning reliably, you become more careful, you develop as a player and utilize that experience. There you can't play that rash or as boldly in light of the fact that I am relied upon to win so I have specific notoriety to keep up. So you go down a level and afterward you understand and utilize that experience to turn into an increasingly complete player. When you start winning once more, it is a steady challenge. That is the duty that accompanies increasing current standards but at the same time, it's about simply going out there and getting a charge out of the procedure of rivalry that props me up. I have total occupation fulfillment and I anticipate playing out each time I wake up. 

Do you have a specific objective set as a top priority with regards to pursuing titles or do you simply accept the way things are? 

I simply approach playing, I don't concentrate much on the numbers and measurements. Obviously, they do enter your thoughts when you're playing a major match or scoring a major break. I do understand that I get the opportunity to score this or break these records, it enters my thoughts however that is not what props me up. It's just about playing the game and getting a charge out of the procedure of rivalry. We frequently will in general overlook why we are doing it in any case. We become so genuine and focused that we lose the delight of the game. I have figured out how to recover that and that is the reason I am as yet going solid. 

Just you and Sourav Kothari both play snooker and billiards globally. Do you believe that its a legend that you have to just concentrate on one game and not two simultaneously? 

Indeed, I do. There are not many players like Sourav who have had a go at playing both and they're great at it. Yet, no players have spoken to India simultaneously. That is the place I have had the option to state I have broken the legend and that you don't have to have practical experience in one classification. In any case, its a ton of exertion I have placed in to make that look easy. 

Nobody has spent significant time in both billiards and snooker and I feel that has been my greatest leap forward as a cuiest. The way that I have had the option to play both billiards and snooker – short and long arranges – and later on, change to an alternate one. The two games require such various styles and systems that everyone just has practical experience in one. Did I think toward the beginning of my profession why not do both? It hasn't been done previously yet I needed to enter that strange region. 

Players from the two games are continually advancing and they're working in one. So they're showing signs of improvement at their game while I'm juggling between the two, so my consideration is consequently separated considerably. These difficulties keep me on my toes. 

What as indicated by you is the way to juggling between the two games? Is it increasingly down to method? 

Truly, it is a system and it likewise boils down to a comprehension of the game. A move in the condition of your brain and the (psychological) approach. Since the two can't be drawn closer with a similar attitude. You need more stamina, delayed times of fixation for billiards, though in snooker, you should be all the more strategically mindful. It's, even more, an attempt at manslaughter sort of game, where significantly more exactness and accuracy is included. In billiards, you simply need to prop up endlessly, with the goal that stream should be kept up. The styles are differentiating. 

Both billiards and snooker require delayed times of focus. How would you rationally get ready for such situations, even under strain? 

I imagine before I play any huge match. So it causes me to get ready rationally what I will experience. I do feel the weight, however. I'd lie you on the off chance that I said I didn't, despite the fact that I have won such a great amount in my vocation. It's just when I feel those butterflies in my stomach that I play well. I am a lot keener however when I'm not anxious I have an inclination that I am self-satisfied and taking it excessively simple. It's critical to feel that. So when I'm experiencing tension before a game, I am in good shape. 

From the time you began till now, what amount has the game advanced? 

As far as the manner in which the game is played, as far as assets, consolation, the manner in which it has been seen has been an enormous change. The game has turned out to be additionally assaulting, particularly snooker – it has turned out to be progressively capricious. That nature of the game is such, where you can't generally win each competition you play since it has turned out to be substantially more assaulting and a few days players are simply going to pot everything and defeat you. So you should be set up for that. 

Obviously, billiards has additionally changed as far as the organization. Billiards generally was a more drawn out. When you talk about Wilson Jones and that 1950-'60 period, at that point you had Michael Ferreira and Geet Sethi. Presently the configurations have turned out to be shorter given the more youthful age has come up. So once more, there's much greater capriciousness as far as results.

Written By : Rkg Snooker

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