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Bengal Snooker League- Day 5 Match Report

On the last day of the league matches RKG Snooker Champs had mixed day wherein they won their seventh match out of the eighth match of the League against Black Panthers and lost the last league match.

In first frame of the match Sourav gave the blistering start with a win by 77-34 against Rafath Habib. Manish Jain continued the winning momentum of the team by grabbing the second frame against Siddarth Parikh by 64-34. In the third frame of 15 red doubles Sourav  & Benay comfortably beats the pair of Rafath Habib & Piyush by 76-10 to give Team RKG Snooker Champs the lead of 3-0.

In the fourth frame of 6 red doubles Manish and Abhishek thrashed the duo of Siddarth & Gerrad by 52-00 to take the match in the pocket. Rest three matches were mere formality but Black Panthers wants to give some respect to the score line and showed tremendous fight back to win all three matches to get some morale high.

In the last match of the league RKG Snooker Champs competed with Sundeep Gulati led Green Warriors which were already out of the tournament. The tough competition amongst the team was visible when till the last league match stage only three teams were out of the reckoning and only one team was confirmed of the top position i.e, RKG Snooker Champs. There was fight between six teams to grab the rest three positions to play for all on the final day.

Sourav started the last league match on a high when he made a break of 57 and beat Sundeep Gulati comfortable by 87-07. Nitesh Madan of Green Warriors showed great temperament in next frame and beats Manish Jain by 57-16 to level the frame score. In the third frame of 15 red doubles Sourav & Benay lost in a humdinger on the black ball to Sundeep & Amir. That loss was demoralizing for RKG Snooker as they lost next three frames consecutively to lose their last match of the league. The only saving grace was the victory in the last frame by Manish & Abhishek by 71-26 against Sundeep & Pradyuman to reduce the margin of loss by 2-5.

After the completion of league matches the top four qualified teams were as follows with position.

  1. RKG Snooker Champs
  2. Shooting Stars
  3. Pappu Penguin
  4. The Rockets