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RKG Snooker Champs inch closer to qualify in the Bengal Snooker League- Match report Day -2 of 2nd Match

Match report Day -2  of  2nd Match

RKG Snooker Champs Vs Alpha Cueist

RKG Snooker Champs inch closer to qualify in the Bengal Snooker League by virtue of their hard fought win against Alpha Cueist 4-3 at Saturday club.
Sourav gave his team on early lead by thrashing Pushpender Singh 65-33. Though the later was never in doubt  about  winning but his opponent  gave stiff resistance in patches.
Faisal Khan famous for break building scored a comfortable win against Manish Jain 68-05 to make it 1-1. Faisal then paired with Akram to inflict a 57-21 drubbing to Sourav and Benay to lead 2-1.  

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Manish and Abhisek drew parity by 39-25. 
Benay  sent the blood racing amongst the crowd which grew in numbers  as the match progressed.  Benay took an early lead which was neutralise by his opponent by crisp  potting and deft placement. When it seems that Akram is going to have the frame in his pocket, Benay came into his own by a grand clearance of the coloured ball to the thunderous applause to make it 3-2 in RKG Snooker Champs favour. Saif settled the issue beyond doubt by beating Bhutia 39-16.
In the last frame Faisal and Pushpender made it 4-3 against the Kolkata duo Sourav and Manish.

!!!! All the best of RKG snooker champs for upcoming matches !!!!