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Match Report Day -4 RKG Snooker Champs Vs The Rockets

Match Report  Day -4

RKG Snooker Champs Vs The Rockets

The Scintillating form of RKG Snooker Champs on Fourth day of Bengal Snooker League at Saturday Club when they beat Lucky Vatnani led team The Rockets here on Friday.
In a defensive policy The Rockets pitted their Marque B player Shahbaz Khan against Bengal Tiger Sourav Kothari,  which prove to be a wrong strategy  Sourav easily scalped Shahbaz in amazing display of perfect potting , which was missing in last couple of days. He beat Shahbaz 72-28 to register first win of the important match.
Manish Jain continued his good form of the tournament and beat favourite  Marque A player Lucky Vatnani on re-spotted black whent the frame was tied at 51 all. Manish showed calm and composure to pot black from difficult angle.
After being down 0-2 Rockets raise the level of their game and win next two matches  to bring parity in the match by 2-2.
 In the third match of the tourney Lucky  & Shyam Jagtiani beat Sourav Kothari and Benay Agarwal  by 55-25. In next match Shahbaz & Mudit paired perfectly to beat Manish & Abhisek by 49-12 in 6 red snooker double match.
 Benay Agarwal of RKG Snooker Champs  showed tremendous Snooker skills to beat experienced Shyam Jagtiani in a fifth match of the series . He won 62-38.
 Saif Khan  the unsung hero of RKG Snooker Champs  beat Terence Mac easily by 38-14 in 6 red Snooker singles match to pocket the frame, match & tie in favour of RKG Snooker Champs.
Lucky Vatnani & Shahbaz took the inconsequential seventh match of the series to give scoreline some respect in their favour when they beat the duo of Sourav & Manish  by 74-30.


With today’s win RKG Snooker Champs has won 6 out of 7 matches and is on top of the points table & assured of top two spots in the qualifiers to be held on final day i.e 25.06.2017.