Bengal Snooker League News

RKG Snooker Champs had a mixed fortune on the opening day

RKG Snooker Champs had a mixed fortune on the opening day when they lost 3-4 in a cliff- hanger in second match of the day against Pappu Penguins led by a versatile Dharmendra Lilly . His experience came to the fore when he eliminated Sourav Kothari in the first match of 15 Red Singles by 63-16.
Thereafter, young emerging star of Snooker, Kadian was Lucky enough to beat RKG Snooker Champs Marquee B player Manish Jain in the last black ball. Manish missed a relatively easy last ball which stood in the jaws of the pocket. Kadian gleefully  sunk it  to win the match by 52-43. 
RKG Snooker Champs came from behind in the third match and beat Lily and Agarwal pair by 64-42 with the help of Sourav Kothari and Benay Agarwal.
Young Star Kadian partnering with Shoaib again showed his talent when they beat Manish and Abhishek by 31-21 in the fourth match of the series. RKG Snooker Champs Benay Agarwal beat Shoaib by 54-07 in the fourth match and Saif beat Siddharth by 38-29 in the fifth match to level the score.
In the decider 15 Red doubles match Lilly and Kadian combined brilliantly to outclass Sourav and Manish by 70-17.