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Bengal Snooker League Final Day Match Report

Last day of the Bengal Snooker League tournament was packed with thrills and shocks for the spectators here on Saturday Club in Kolkata on Sunday i.e, 25.06.2017.

The top two teams of the league (RKG Snooker Champs and Shooting Stars) start the proceedings of the day in Qualifier One for the place in Finals of the Championship at table one.

Ace player Sourav Kothari gave RKG Snooker Champs the winning momentum when he beats Laxman Rawat in one sided match by 83-24 in which he compiled a break of 61. In a lackluster second frame Malkeet Singh beats Manish Jain by 46-07 to level the score. Sourav once again proves his mettle when he partnering with Benay Aggarwal beats the duo of Laxman Rawat and Ankit by 66-35 to give the advantage back to RKG Snooker Champs in all important match.

Manish Jain was having off day as he along with Abhishek lost the next frame tamely to the duo of Malkeet & Sunil 0-44 in totally one sided match. Scores were leveled again at 2-2. In a crucial fifth frame Ankit Kumar of Shooting stars give them the lead in the match for the first time when he defeated Benay Aggarwal by 73-46.

The star of the tournament young Saif Ali Khan showed his potential by thrashing Gautam in 6 red singles match by 53-0 to keep the RKG Snooker Champs in the hunt for the final. Scores were tied at 3-3 after six frame and the match was to be decided in the last frame of the match.

Sourav and Manish combined together in the entire league but Manish missed easy black pot to give the opening to the duo of Laxman Rawat & Malkeet Singh which they accepted gleefully and sealed the seventh frame by 67-33 to enter the finals after beating the firm favourite and table topper RKG Snooker Champs by the whisker of the margin of 4-3. RKG Snooker Champs still have the chance to qualify for the finals as they were to fight out with eliminator winner in Qualifier two.

On table two in eliminator match Shahbaz Khan & Lucky Vatnani Led team The Rockets beats the team Pappu Penguins led by Dharmender Lilly and young Digvijay Kadian by 4-2 in one sided match as at one time The Rockets were ahead by 3-0.

In qualifier two which was played at two tables simultaneously to cover the time RKG Snooker Champs was up against The Rockets for the place in final of the championship.

The morale of Rockets team was very high as they were in winning momentum and for RKG Snooker Champs pressure was there as they were table topper and expected to reach the finals at least. The qualifier two was turned out to be the most one sided match of the entire league as The Rockets beats RKG Snooker Champs by 4-0 to enter the final.

Sourav Kothari lost to Shahbaz Khan by 79-25 and Manish Jain was having complete off day as he lost to Lucky Vatnani by 57-72 when at one point he was leading by 53-0 in a very tame display of snooker. In the third frame the Duo of Lucky Vatnani and Shyam Jagtiani beats the pair of Sourav Kothari and Benay Aggarwal very easily by 71-05. In the fourth frame Shahbaz & Mudit comfortably beats Manish Jain & Abhishek by 51-11. The rather poor ending of the team RKG Snooker Champs was very disappointing for their fans at the venue.

The Final Match for the championship was between The Rockets & Shooting Stars. The match was very exciting and turns out to be the fitting finale of the grand Championship when Shootings Stars beats The Rockets by 4-3 when in the decider the score was 76-45 in favour of Shooting Stars.

In the first frame of the title match Laxman Rawat of Shooting Star beats Shahbaz Khan 66-32 in a calm and compose display of his snooker skills. Lucky Vatnani of the Rockets brings the parity by defeating Malkeet Singh by 84-13 in the second frame. In the third frame Lucky Vatnani and Shyam Jagtiani showed exemplary display of pair snooker when they thrashed the duo of Laxman Rawat & Ankit by 74-00 by compiling a magnificent break of 74. This display gives The Rocket a very important edge over the Shooting stars in the championship clash. The Rockets continues their red hot form when the pair of Shahbaz & Mudit proves much superior to the duo of Malkeet Singh & Sunil Sarogi in beating them by 35-24 and give the lead of 3-1 in the best of seven frames final to The Rockets.

The Shooting Stars showed their will and character at that time and fought courageously to bring back the parity when they won next two frames to level the score at 3-3. Ankit beats Shyam Jagtiani by 75-41 and Gautam Beats Mac by 43-13. This was quite sensational and the final frame of the final was to decide who will take him the Winner’s trophy and the cheque of Rs. 5 Lacs.

The deciding frame was tense and the supporters of both the teams were cheering for their team very loudly as the Duo of Laxman Rawat & Malkeet Singh started cautiously against the pair of Shahbaz Khan & Lucky Vatnani. At one point of time when the score was almost equal Laxman Rawat decided to break the cautious approach and went for difficult red pot which he potted successfully and gave the opening to his partner to control the table after which the pair of Laxman & Malkeet combined perfectly to wrap the frame, match & title by winning the seventh frame 76-45 to give their team the Championship.

The highest break of the Championship was by Laxman Rawat of 99 and the best player of the tournament award goes to young Saif Ali Khan of RKG Snooker Champs.

The tournament was organized more or less very professionally but the hectic schedule of the last day was very tough on players which organizers should look into in next editions of the championship.